How to create a more natural nursery

So you’ve made the change to natural products in your self-care and beauty regime, you use all natural ingredients when you clean your house; but what about when it comes to decorating the space for your precious little bundle?

Thankfully there is a lot of inspiration out there for gorgeous natural nurseries, and plenty of small brands helping you to create a space that is both beautiful and full of natural elements. Here I’ll be sharing some of my favourite natural nursery ideas along with where you can find some gorgeous wares to create a simple and inspiring space for your little one.

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Wicker baby cribs

There are so many beautiful wicker baby cribs out there, it was hard to pick which ones to share with you. With so many different styles to choose from it is easy to find something to fit into your bohemian nursery. I particularly like the hanging variety and the lovely diamond pattern on these two.

I also love the simple design of this rattan cradle from Scandiborn.


Jute rugs

I love a jute rug anywhere in the house, but they look extra special in a natural nursery. I particularly love the hand-stitched Indian variety, like this one from Etsy shop ‘Kuishi Home’.

Jute rugs - nursery decor.png


There are so many benefits to living with plants. They improve the air quality inside your home, they add a pop of colour to an otherwise neutral space and of course they look pretty too. I love to see plants in every room of my house, and a nursery is no exception. Here are some beautiful nurseries adding colour and texture with plants:

Gender neutral nursery.jpg
Image via  @lynzyandco

Image via @lynzyandco

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Oh I do love a basket! From the piles of yarn I need to stash away, to the ever expanding pool of toys (the bitty kind) that need their own system of organisation - baskets are the perfect answer to a house with very little in-built storage. You can get some really lovely ones made from materials such as seagrass and willow; and they helpfully store all those loose bits that end up in drawers or underneath the sofa, all whilst looking pretty.

In a nursery they would be great for storing any of the little things that seem to accumulate when you have a baby: muslins, toiletries, socks. I have a small one filled with little toys and comforters, to keep them separate from my little boys toys. A truly practical and beautiful item.

seagrass basket nursery.jpg
Rattan basket  Ikea  // Seagrass basket  H&M

Rattan basket Ikea // Seagrass basket H&M

Wall decor

A nursery wouldn’t be complete in my eyes without something special on the walls. This could be a wall-hanging, a garland, a name sign or a bold print - or all of the above!

If you’re wanting to keep the wall decor natural then something made with cotton, wood, rope, wool or any material that isn’t synthetic is a good way to go. I really love big macrame wall decor, or something made up from driftwood. Again, there are so many options out there but here are just a few ideas:

image found via  Pinterest

image found via Pinterest

image via
available to buy  here

available to buy here

There are lots more ideas for lovely nursery items made with natural materials such as blankets, bedding, toys, furniture… I really could go on. Maybe I’ll have to give each one a blog post of their own ;)

If you’d like more nursery inspiration, do please check out my Pinterest boards that are full of lovely ideas. Or if you’re looking for some special nursery decor, made with natural materials of course, then take a look at my online shop where you might find something you like there :)

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