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When I first learned to crochet any yarn would do. These days I’m much more concerted. I can spend hours researching a new yarn; looking for the exact colour, texture, fibres. It’s a passion (obsession?) and sticking to some rules around which colours work best with my designs as well as only using natural fibres help me to narrow down my options in a sea of yarn possibilities.


But my products aren’t made from yarn alone.  A few other magic ingredients help to make up some of the pieces, such as these beautiful brass bells and birch wood sticks.  Each of these materials combined create a perfect blend of Scandinavian and bohemian that I hope you enjoy as much as me.  Would you like to know more?


The staple ingredient in my business.  My old faithful and most celebrated component.  I try to use organic cotton wherever I can (such as the beautiful blush pink in the picture) but it’s not been possible to find the right colour for each of my pieces yet. I do however ensure that the cotton I buy is 100% just that - absolutely no blends with synthetic fibres.



I love this material for its texture. It’s so soft and silky smooth which makes it wonderful to crochet my baby blankets with. It’s also anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, so it is perfect for sensitive skin. It’s a good insulator, so it will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. It also has a lovely heaviness to it - my blankets have a beautiful feel to them when you drape them on your lap, or of course your little one.

Bamboo is also a very sustainable fibre as it grows so quickly, doesn’t require pesticides, fertilisers or irrigation. It also regrows from the cut shoots, so it doesn’t need replanting.

As well as using bamboo yarn I also have a few bamboo crochet hooks. Not only do they look pretty, but they feel lovely to crochet with as well as being made from a natural material - all winning attributes for me!


Merino wool

I use merino wool above other types of wool for a few reasons; mainly for it’s softness, but also because it doesn’t itch like some other wools can. It’s breathable (like cotton) and great at insulating (like bamboo). It has a different texture to cotton and a warmer, more wintery feel. I use it in some of my blankets and I love how different it makes them feel. I particularly love a good chunky wool to make a big chunky blanket.


Birch wood

I really love the way birch wood looks. It’s silvery bark makes it stand out from other wood. This is why I went on a search to find some sticks that I could use in my wall hangings as I think it makes them look a little more special than a standard wooden dowel.

The sticks I use have its bark left on and are just cut to size; therefore it keeps its natural look. And the bark is what makes it different for me, so why would I take it off?


Brass bells

If you want to add a touch of something bohemian then a brass bell is a good place to start. I found these beautiful Indian brass bells online and knew I had to incorporate them into some of my pieces. Currently I use a combination of two sizes (large and small) but I’m looking at some different shapes for future designs.

So this is the list of my most favourite materials to work with, but of course there are a few other bits and pieces that go into making each one of my items as well as a lot of time, love, attention and creative energy. All magic ingredients that end up with something beautiful that is hopefully cherished by those that receive them.

If you would like to take a look at some of the finished articles, then go check out my shop where you will find it all hanging out there.

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