January : inspiration

It’s been an odd start to the year, energy-wise. Things have taken a little while to get going, and I’ve seen online that there are lots of others also feeling this way. Motivation aside, I’ve still found plenty to get inspired about and have actually been thinking up a tonne of new ideas and designs.

I'm a certified ‘inspiration magpie’ and I think the slow pace of the month and enforced downtime (thanks to two poorly kiddos) has meant I’ve had lots of time to daydream as well as scrolling through plenty of beautiful images online.




As I mentioned in my last post, this month I’ve felt the need to simplify and the flow of beautiful, simple images I’ve been gazing over has got me inspired to try out some more minimal designs. Maybe some geometric shapes or some subtle, natural colour combinations.

I’m loving the simple and natural materials used in this children’s bedroom. Rusty orange is a colour I am drawn to at the moment.


All things wellness has got me feeling the need to up my game in the self-care department. I’ve not yet made any new year wellness goals, but I’d really like to make yoga part of my weekly routine. I also have a natural skincare routine, but this year I’d like to try out some new products as my skin is changing as I get older (hello dryness!). Maybe I’ll request some new bits for my birthday next month :)

Love this collection shared via @sunday_glow on Instagram.

Image found on Pinterest (no source).

Image found on Pinterest (no source).


As well as minimalist design, I’ve been completely drawn to all things celestial. I think I’m way behind on this trend, but anything with a moon on it is an instant hit with me at the moment. The moon-phase plates above are from Spartan Shop. As well as these I have seen some stunning brass and glass wall hangings that are out of this world (see what I did there).



At logii I only use natural fibres in all of my items. This is important to me as I strive to make less of an environmental impact in my life and work. I steadily make small adjustments in my life to aim towards a more natural lifestyle and I am seeing more and more inspiring brands popping up that will help me in this journey.

Buying clothes secondhand or those made with natural fibres is another great way to lessen your environmental impact. And natural fibres are kinder to skin anyway, so it’s a winner all around. This photo from  @liser_k is pure perfection and #wardrobegoals


Thanks again for reading, and tell me - what has been inspiring you this month? 

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